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CLIENTELE : INDUSTRIES & CORPORATE :   Birla Cotsyn Pvt. Ltd (Spinning & Textile) Ltd. (Malkapur & Khamgaon-Vidharbha),     Chemtrols Industries Ltd. (All sixteen Offices) & Factories in Goa,     Erica Lifescience Pvt. Ltd., Goa & Mumbai,      Mandvi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.,       Agron India Warehousing Co.,       RACH Exports Pratik Shipping Corporation Ltd.,      Geocon Cement Products Pvt. Ltd.,      A to Z Warehouse System Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwandi,    Karad Spinning & Weaving Ltd., Karad, Sangli,      Faredeel Corporation Pvt. Ltd.,      Sony Garment Pvt. Ltd.,      P. K. Shipping Corporation,      Karjat Hero Honda Showroom,     Ghuge Dental Equipments Co.,      Chotani Tulsidas & Co.,    CheckMate Watches Pvt. Ltd.,      Janki Group of Companies,       Jumbo Steel Co.-Tarapur MIDC,      Padma Clothing Co.       RKB Minning Co.,      Goa Chemtrols SAMIL (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai & Goa,      Trident Terminals-APL Logistics Group-Delhi,      Goa Investcast Pvt. Ltd., Goa      AQUA SIDHHI Engineering,      FEMIL Udyog,      Riddhi Siddhi Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.,      RR Washing-New Jercey, U.S.A.      Keniyan Cycle Manufacturing Co.Kampala, Kenya,      Globalnet KVM Solutions Ltd.      Award Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd.      Aquarius Appliances Pvt. Ltd.      Supreme Roadlines Corporation,      NIKHIL Logistics Pvt. Ltd.,    PRANDA GOLD-India,      FOREX-SERVE Treasury Consultant,      WELLKNOWN Steal Pvt. Ltd.,      T. M. THAKORE  Pharmaceutical Laborataries,      Vaibhav Acqua Fresh Pvt. Ltd.,      Divine MFG. Pvt. Ltd.      Builders, Developers & Realtors :   NeelKanth Group of Builders,    Maharashtra Slum Redevelopment Corporation Ltd.,     K. Hemani  Futuready Developers Ltd.,    SSV Builders & Developers,    Swastik Builders & Developers,    Shree Gurudev Builders,    Mauli Construction & Land Developers,    Shreeji Builders & Developers,    Sony Realtors,    Arihant Realtors-Virar,    Bafna Realtors,    Ayodhya Constructions,    DRK Constructions,    Ruchi Priya Developers Pvt. Ltd.,    R. K. Constructions,    Prathana Group of Companies (SRA Projects),     Architects :   Dilip Deshmukh Architects & Project Management Consultants,    Velankar & Associates,    Patwardhan Architects & Hotel Interiors & Designers,    Rajshekhar & Associates (Architects & Designers),    Ajay Bansal & Associates,    Harmony Associates,    Vinayak Sahasrabudhe Designers & Associates,    Nirman Architects,    Umesh Karande & Associates (Architects & Engineers),    ANANDI Construction,    Vora Architects & Associates,      KAMAL DHANUKA & Associates,    Nathani & Associates,      Joshi Financial Consultants,    VISHWAS Wealth Management Services Pvt. Ltd.,   Glorious Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd.,   Tribhuvandas Thakkar & Associates,    Vinod Bad & Associates,   GUJU Ads,    Sai Sakshi Advertisers,    Mathuradas Gold Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.,    GEMS Tours & Travel Pvt. Ltd.,    KAHAN PACKAGING Pvt. Ltd.,    Panchratna Food Products,    ATHARVA Theatres,    Advance Data Systems,    STRONG   M E D I A,  4P MEDIA Pte. Ltd.,   K R Srinivasan & Associates,    BHAVIK  IMPORTERS,    RAJANKUMAR  & BROS,    RAVIRAJ GROUP OF COMPANIES (Ravi Wahabi Group),    Nexpro Solutions Nikhil Logistics Pvt. Ltd.,      Hotels & Restaurants :    GYPSY Chinese-Dadar,    MAMA KANE’S-Dadar,    Hotel Laxmi Palace-Pune,    Hotel Sai Palace-Dadar,    Garden Restaurant,    Hotel Suruchi, Dombivali,    Crisp Catering Services,    Hotel Summer Harvest,    OLD SPICE,    KPS Industrial Canteen Contractor,    Banks :     Vasai Vikas Sahakari Bank Ltd.,    Patheya Arbon Co-op. Bank Ltd,    Vasai Shetkari Vividha Co-op. Society Ltd.,      Colleges & Schools :  LITTLE MORE,    Mhatre Baig Classes,    Thakkar Education,    VIVA College-Virar,      Hospitals :   Dr. Chavan Orthopedic Hospital,    Dr. Ahirrao Hospital,    Chaitnya Panchakarma Health Care Pvt. Ltd.,      Holy Places & Ashram :   Saint Shri Sevadasbapa Ashram-Torniya,    Saint Shri Rajendrabapa Ashram, Rajkot,     SPECIAL FEATURES :   We have given Vastushastra Consultancy to Builders & Developers for Multi Storey Building Complexes   Turnkey consultancy is given to Corporate Houses for Several Factories for Land Selection, preparation of Vastu layout, guiding for Set up Factories as per Vastushastra, also maintaining Weight & Balance Theory for vastu and applying remedy on site.   Complete Vastu advice is given to Corporate Houses and companies for their in-house arrangement of different departments including  special selected place having good positive energy for Chief of Marketing, Head of H. R., other important Managers, as well as M.D. and CMD.   Vastushastra Consultancy given to all categories as well as sick units - To set up & establish important features of Vastushastra  i.e. Water & Heat (Jal Tatya & Agni Tatya) which is maintaining flow of customers and Finance and Expenses and Over-head expenses of  Hotels respectively.   Financial Balancing of Assets and Loans are revenue factor of Banks. If it is disturbed and the banks loans are not repaid, the banks would not get good business. As per Vastushastra so many factors are important i.e. Safe, Proper direction of Counters, Filling arrangement for specific (loan) departments, Manager’s Sitting Place are very prominent.

 Vaastushastra Consultancy For:

Vastu for Industry, Vastu for Housing Complex, Vastu for Corporate Offices, Vastu for Shops, Vastu for Hotels & Restaurants, Vastu for Shopping Malls, Vastu for Multiplexes, Vastu For Educational Institutes, Vastu for Banks, Vastu for Hospitals, Vastu for Spirituals Places, Vastu for sick Buildings & Plots, Vastu Selection through Dowsing Science

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Ravi Vaidya - Photo
Mr. Ravi Vaidya

He has given Vastushastra consultation for thousands of projects, inclusive of various Factories, Corporate Houses, Residential Complexes,Banks, Textile Mills, Star Hotel, Industrial complexes & Commercial Places all over India and Overseas. (Clientele  : From Ordinary Clients to reputed Birla Cotsyn Ltd., Erica Farma Group, Chemtrols Industries Ltd., Neelkanth Builders (B Group), K. Hemani Group of Builders (SRA Project), Maharashtra Slum Redevelopment Corporation Ltd. etc. Balaji Group, Shreeji Group Builders, Gada Builders, Swastik Group of Builder & Developers - Virar, Consultancy given for sizeable plot to more than 10,00,000 Sq. ft  construction and Selection of Land as per Scientific Vastushastra Analysis & Dowsing Science from 1 acre to 150 acres)

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